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Amigurumi Attack Logo AMIGURUMI ATTACK
card by card - from heart to heart



AMIGURUMIS are cute little dolls given as a token of friendship or taken along as a mascot inspired by Asian traditions.

Originally an Amigurumi is a crocheted or knitted bundle. Little dolls like this have a tradition of being given away as tokens of friendship or to express a special bond between two people.

At AMIGURUMI ATTACK our lovable AMIGURUMI ORIGINALS and CARDS carry on this tradition. They are cute little messengers of friendship and connectedness expressing best wishes from heart to heart. A very personal message from heart to heart !!!

The Gang

Meet some Amigurumis


Rasputin knows the best gutters for chilling out and the most romantic sewage pipes for flirting. He organises cool parties and wispers sweet nothings into cute little ears.

Ragazza is always ready for fun. She loves sitting in the sunshine and brushing her fur. Her pointed little nose, her cheerful smile and her dreamy eyes are a delightful sight to everyone.

Random shows up everywhere and stays put wherever he gets. He does not want to miss out on anything. On his own he is bored stiff in no time but when he has company he feels great. Being part of the action is all that counts for him.

Ramira loves fashion. Above all she adores outfits with laces. Everything is lovely like in a fairy tale to her. She is very much into belly dancing.

Rayos is a wandering rat. He always longs for far away places. His little napsack is always ready and packed.

Radix is a dyed-in-the-wool vegetarian. Since his fur is green and since he turns into an animal every time he runs across anyone eating meat all his friends call him „Hulk“.

Restless can’t ever sitt still. He always claims to be in a rush. Just arrived in a place he always anounces to have run out of time and pushes everyone else to hurry up as well.

Washington is a gentleman. He is well travelled and has seen many places. He loves sitting in a comfortable wicker chair or on a soft pillow just looking around and taking everything in. He is an excellent listener and has many friends around the world.

Zappo is very friendly and loves taking it easy. Food is always on his mind and he loves eating huge amounts of food. His girlfriend Unicorn cooks and bakes his favorite foods for him.

Unicorn is very friendly and loves taking it easy. Food is always on her mind. But nevertheless she would not mind dropping a few killos .
She loves cooking and and baking. Pasta and cakes are her favorites.

Rasputin in Love Heart Heart Ragazza in Love